Features of Lufi

โœ” ๐Ÿ’ฏ percent FULL English set including menu page and main page. Other seller mostly are having Chinese menu in the set.

โœ” Direct plug in to obd
โœ” Plug and play.
โœ” NO cutting of existing wiring needed.
โœ” Ready stock. Why wait for pre order.
โœ” OBD splitter can be purchase separately should you need it
โœ” Demo after installation on usage.

โœ” Data display

– average speed
– speed
– rpm
– oil pressure
– fuel pressure
– oil temp
– water temp
– exhaust temp
– voltage
– clock
– engine run time
– turbo/in-Mf pressure
– air flow – intake air temp
– common rail pressure
– throttle position
– accelerate position
– exhaust g.r.
– engine load
– short trim
– long trim
– O2 sensor voltage
– fuel level
– air/fuel ratio
– baro
– accelerator position
– fuel consumption
– average fuel consumption
– outside temp
– acceleration m/s

โœ” 3 display mode:
* Normal
* Inverted